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  Alvaro's Shoe Service & Orthopedic Footwear
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 Alvaro's Home Page

Alvaro's Orthopedic Footwear has been established since 1973.

From a boy's dream walking up and down Main St with his shoeshine box polishing shoes and then later at the age of 16 working for 50 cents at a shoe repair place.

Alvaro Moniz a Certified Board Pedorthist started repairing shoes and later combining the ability and art of making shoes and Orthopedic Shoes.

Alvaro's Orthopedic Footwear has been credited by many Doctors Orthopedics and Pediatric Associates where customers with the most deformed foot shapes were able to step into a Orthopedic Shoe with confidence by walking straight , healthy and secure.

  Alvaro &  Herminia  Moniz  the "  Front  Runners "  of  Alvaro's  Orthopedic  Footwear.

                                      REDUCE TODAY YOUR FOOT, ANKLE, LEG, KNEE & BACK PAIN.

At Alvaro's Orthopedic Footwear you can set an appointment for a FREE DIGITAL ORTHOTICS SCAN , most people today feel discomfort or pressure either on their heels , hips , low back even strange headaches by standing long hours or even sitting for long hours working not realizing the importance of their support.

Many people wear orthotics because they are good for their feet, but orthotics are even more important for those who experience pain after extended walking or standing.

DIGITAL ORTHOTICS IN 30 MINUTES , yes while you are browsing in our shop you can walk away with your new DIGITAL ORTHOTICS 30 minutes later.
After the computer scan, a custom digital orthotic will be made to fit your feet properly.


  • According to the CDC, 85% of the US Population has biomechanical disease necessitating the utilization of a bio engineered medical grade orthotic.
  • Less than 1% of the US population currently get access to product.
  • Approximately 70% of the world population are diagnosed with an ailment called over-pronation, something that can be the culprit for severe consequences over the years.
  • How Much Is Your Health Worth??? 






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