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Alvaro's Custom Made Orthopedic Shoes
" In an active world people often make the mistake of forgetting to take proper care of their feet.
It does not take long, however, to see how damaging this can be if you are in a position to have to stand or walk for hours on end in your job."

Even the surfaces you stand on can cause serious foot pain and long periods walking on concrete flooring can even damage the bones in your feet and ankles.

Fortunately at Alvaro's Orthpedic Footwear has developed a number of ways to aid this problem.

Orthopedic shoes have become an essential part of the equipment we use for both work and play.

With the long hours many workers must spend on their feet to perform the job, many workplaces require some form of orthopedic shoes as part of the uniform.





Custom Made Orthopedic Workboot                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Orthopedic shoes tend to focus their special features on standard trouble areas of the foot.

Fallen arches are a common source of pain as the weight of the day bears down on the middle of the foot.
Short of surgery, an orthopedic shoe with a built up inner arch can give needed support and alleviate much of the pain associated with this often-hereditary condition.
Heel supports are often built into orthopedic shoes as a means of softening the blow that runs up the lower leg bones with each step.
These supports are often made of foam or gel and can add a degree of rigidity to the ankle area that will help prevent twists

Some orthopedic shoes are designed to hold pads in place against such troublesome spots as corns, bunions, calluses and abrasions.
The innersole of an orthopedic shoe is generally a separate feature which has many customizable forms to more accurately treat what ails your foot.
Some are foam or gel so that a softer actual surface can come in contact with the foot.
Others, especially for those with diabetes or long term standing still jobs, have a textured surface of small raised nubs to stimulate blood flow through the foot.

Orthopedic shoes will often have extra braces or sleeves built-in or easily attached to the shoe.

These range from small clips that separate in-drawn toes to full lower leg braces that will provide support for the entire leg structure.
The structure of some orthopedic shoes is built to support and cushion the foot from damage.
Walking and hiking shoes especially are designed to hold the foot comfortably and safely through the rigors of extended periods of activity.

While there are a great many orthopedic shoes made to specific standards, there is also a large demand for custom-made orthopedic shoes.
It is a fact that you can be written a doctor's prescription for a specially designed orthopedic shoe to aid in the treatment of specific problems of the foot and ankle.

Some of the most common foot problems that can be treated with specially made shoes are arch pains and bunions.
Corns and calluses can be contained within specially carved and padded areas within the inner wall of a shoe so as to relieve the pressure of contact on the afflicted part.

Drop foot and hammertoes are conditions created by poorly constructed footwear that has deformed the growing tissue in a young person's foot.

Alvaro's Orthopedic Footwear specially designed orthopedic shoes can to a degree counterbalance these problems to give the sufferer a more natural step action.


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